About The Boat Club of Sanibel
We Buy the Boats, You have the Fun!
Finally a "hassle free" boating alternative!


The ability to have unlimited use of a wide variety of boat styles as often as you like without the usual hassles and costs of owning a boat - all for less than the cost of storing a single boat!

That's the Boat Club of Sanibel!
There are unique privileges to owning a membership in the Boat Club of Sanibel:
When you join the Boat Club you are entitled to use any one of our boats on an unlimited basis. You may want to bring the neighbors out for an easy back-water ride, so you'll want a deck or back bay boat. Maybe the guys want to fish, so take out one of the Center consoles. How about a long day off-coast; we even have a full size Cruiser with berth and galley!
What makes the Boat Club so special is that we have finally found a way to make boating hassle-free! We all know what the two best days for a boater are, now joining the Boat Club can be the third. Leave all the work behind and still enjoy the benefits of boating. No more cleaning, waxing, maintenance, routine repairs, hull insurance costs, outrageous storage fees; all you pay for is the gas in addition to your club membership!
It's so easy! Call in advance for a vessel reservation - even the day before, and away you go. Choose from one hour, full day, or overnight trips. You decide! Recently, we took a survey of all the boat usage at our locations and learned that on any given day, only 50% of our boats left the dock, so you're practically guaranteed a boat anytime you desire. That's why our fleet is the generous size it is!
Our membership plan allows two (2) immediate family members on the program living at the same address. Our plan is one of the most logical and economical approaches you will find. By being a long term member you will receive the best value in the industry while our company can better coordinate a long term plan for continuous upgrading to newer boats. You may find smaller boat clubs offering short term plans, but beware. There is NO exclusivity to these clubs, their philosophy is to have hundreds of members, these members will use and abuse the boats quickly and the club will almost always RENT their boats out to the public when not in use. Our boats are some of the finest in the industry, therefore we will NEVER do daily rentals to the public. Offering a long term plan tends to appeal only to the more distinguished clients while offering a very low member to boat ratio. In fact, like no other Boat Club, we always stay well below the industry average and maintain below 8 members per boat! That may not sound exciting, but compared to our competition averaging 18-22 members per boat, that's impressive!

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  •  A limited Members Only Club an Industry Exclusive!
  •  Wide variety of boat styles for cruising, fishing, and pleasure boating
  •  Located in one of the most picturesque locations in Southwest Florida
  •  Very few No Wake or Manatee Zones to open water
  •  Fantastic fishing and numerous picnic/pleasure islands minutes away
  •  Boats guaranteed to be clean, fueled and in proper running condition
  •  Hands-On Assistance and Vessel Safety Check before each departure
  •  We are Debt-Free. We own EVERY vessel you use, Free and Clear
  •  All vessels for Members use only - We do not RENT out our Boats!
  •  Company designed Vessel orientation and waterway instruction
  •  Towing and monitoring service available
  •  Waterway charts, depth/fish finders, and GPS on all appropriate vessels
  •  We are Licensed and Insured to $1,000,000
  •  Professional Scheduling Reserve one day in advance or up to six months in advance


This is How Boating was Meant to Be!