Frequently Asked Questions

The Top Four Things People Like Most About The Boat Club of Sanibel:


Availability of Boats:

Last year we conducted a study and learned that on an average daily basis over 50% of our boats never left the dock. This is mainly because we limit the number of members per boat, and we use a formula that is considerably more conservative than our competitors, this means more available boats for you; and we will always maintain that perfect ratio. Usually you will be able to call with just a days notice to get a boat. If you want a specific watercraft, then call in advance for your first choice. It is much like calling a country club for a tee time, you can call for an available opening, or call in advance with a specific request. And unlike others, we DO NOT do daily rentals to the public !!

None of the Headaches or Hassles of Boat Ownership:

The club is ideally suited for beginning boaters who want to learn how to properly and safely operate a powerboat. Membership includes a course in boating safety, plus personalized on-board instruction on boat handling. For previous boat owners, it?s a dream come true. Our boating members tell us the three best days in a boater?s life; the day they buy, the day they sell, and the day they realize they should join the Boat Club. They now see that only the fun is left for them to experience, NO more dealing with towing, scrubbing, maintenance, or boat storage problems. Just show up at the dock, load up your gear and take off. Upon your return, you will refill the fuel, unload your gear, and you?ll be home relaxing before we?re done cleaning, flushing and storing away your vessel !! We take the expense and hassle out of boating, so you can enjoy your day on the water.

Wide Variety of Boats:

It doesn?t matter what type of boat you may have thought about buying, whether a coastal fishing rig to take the guys trolling, a deck boat to go to the beach with the family, or a full size cabin cruiser to visit Naples. The one thing for sure is that sooner or later you will want to do all three of the above, and NO single boat can perform all these functions effectively. The Boat Club offers a wide variety of 20'-26' boats in a wide array of styles and lengths to accommodate any aquatic interest you have.


We compare our membership cost to a very common subject of boating: Storage !!    For less than the cost of Storing one deck boat per month at a similar marina,  you can join the Boat Club and use a variety of  boats every day of the month.  In fact, if we GAVE you a 23 foot deck boat and WE paid the maintenance, hull insurance, routine repairs, and the monthly note payment, you would still rather join the Club because your storage bill would be more than your membership fee – and we GUARANTEE it ! Also, make sure to ask about our low priced “Buddy Plan” if you have a cousin or friend that may be interested, and if you’ve been thinking about getting rid of that well maintained  boat of yours, we love trade-ins and we offer full book value, not the typical 30% below value like the dealers !!

We like to say "Call Today, Boat Tomorrow!"